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When one door opens…


A minotaur charges through and changes the life of Shari Dawn forever.


Irresistibly drawn to the voices of the sentient Realm she calls home, Shari is initiated into a line of warriors dedicated to the protection of Lissae. Dreading her parents finding out about her elemental magic, Shari keeps it concealed for as long as she can until the Guardian, Jonathan, takes a reluctant Shari under his wing, but it soon becomes clear that Shari is not like the other Altoriaes.


Living on Ronah, one of seven sentient, Shifting Islands that wander the Lissaen seas, Shari must work hard to protect the islands and their inhabitants.


But strange things start happening on Ronah when Shari’s secret is revealed. Sinister forces infect the dreams of Ronah's people. An ancient curse causes the realm to shiver. The clock starts counting down…


With a team she didn't want by her side, Shari must decide who lives and who dies.


The fate of the Realm is in her hands...



Influenced by Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, it appeals to fans of all of these.



Buy Ronah and step into Lissae today!

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