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akoren Portrait softcover book 5x8 near the hands of a woman holding a cup of tea_Akoren p

There’s something in the silence.


As Shari struggles to come to grips with who she is after her time away, Akoren and the Wisara draw closer, and Innarn is disappearing from Lissae.

Can Shari, Jonathan, and Samuel figure out what’s going on, or will the ancient stories about the silence be the end of them all?

Don’t miss out on the thrilling continuation of the Lissae series, where the thing hiding in the silence threatens to consume everything in its path.

Find out in Book 6 of the Lissae series, Akoren.

Buy Akoren and discover what's in the silence of Lissae today!

Released 7th July 2024

Akoren ends on a cliff hanger. Vannali will be released 7th August. It is strongly recommended that you order both at once so you don't have to wait.

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