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The Cosplay Workbook will help beginner Cosplayers stay organised as they create new costumes to wear and explore the world of Cosplay.

An invaluable tool to keep you on-track and excited about your latest cosplay, and handy hints about what to pack for those quick fixes on the day.

Get your copy of the Cosplay Workbook today!

Sick of reading Mary Sue about Gary Stu? Make your character well-rounded by delving into what gets them up in the morning, who's in their family tree, and their deepest desires in this 400+ page workbook for novelists.


Based on RPG character creation, and tweaked with novel writers in mind, use this guide to create backstories and more for up to ten characters. Figure out who is the good, the bad and the morally grey, and use the fleshed out characters in your next story.

Grab your copy of Character Creation 101 today!

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Use this 450 page workbook to build your fictional world and give depth to your story. There is no right or wrong way to world build. If you ask a thousand authors how they create their world, they will all tell you something different. This is not a book that needs to be completed all at once, or even totally filled out. It is a work in progress that aims to help you with your story.


As the author of a series with over 900 worlds in it, and a detailed, six generation deep family tree for an entire island of people, I’m rather practiced at world building. Of course, this has been adapted, and you’re more than free to take white out to the bits you don’t want to complete (or just ignore them for now, they may spark ideas later on!). Inside this workbook, there is room for one world, and space for up to ten countries for you to create.

Grab your copy of the World Building workbook today!

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