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Gold Coast SupaNova 2024



So many amazing people - I love chatting to you all! Some extra merch for the Lissae series now available - be sure to check it out at the other 2024 events!


Brisbane SupaNova 2023



The cosplayers, the amazing people, and getting to see the expression on a certain pair of Book Wyrm's faces when we handed them a short story created with them in mind.


Amazing local authors showcasing a diverse array of novels, picture books and merchandise for sale.

I love discovering how many talented people live on the Sunshine Coast, and it was great to catch up with some from last year's event as well.


Dear Reader Book Emporium 2023

LitLive Maleny 2023

My first ever in-person reading, in cosplay! It was a great night, with loads of lovely readers and talented authors who made me want to buy all the books!

Afterwards, much to my surprise, there was an article in the local newspaper.

SCD august 15 2023_edited_edited.jpg

Fraserpop 2023

My first time at Fraserpop was amazing! And the new cosplay was a hit. I don't think Maleficent has ever smiled so much.

Amazing people, stunning cosplays, and fantastic authors. Far too many descriptors in one sentence, but it was such a brilliant weekend, it's hard to encapsulate it in a few words.


Brisbane Supanova 2022

As always, Supanova is such a blast! I met some lovely people, saw some amazing cosplays, and may have run across a book wyrm...

It was also my first time cosplaying as Shari. I'm still not sure how I was talked into doing that - loads of fun. Who knows who the next cosplay will be!

supanova 2022_edited.jpg

Storytellers Festival 2022

I was honoured to be part of Sunshine Coast Libraries first Storytellers' Festival.

Taking place at Beerwah Community Hall, the Festival boasted interviews with local authors, workshops and kids activities.

storytellers festival 2022.jpg

Children's Book Week Event 2022

Very honoured to attend a special Children's Book Week event at Queensland Government House.


Her Excellency and Professor Nimmo were wonderful hosts. It was a lovely celebration for literature professionals from all walks of life.

No photography inside, unfortunately, but here's a shot from just before the event began.

govt house book week 2022.png

Readers and Writers Festival 2021

The Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland (FAWQ) in partnership with USC and Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries, held the FAWQ Readers and Writers Festival in Moreton Bay.

This event was amazing. I was honoured to be part of my first ever panel. It was surreal to sit alongside Gary Crew, who is just synonymous with writing on the Sunshine Coast. A great day to spend learning about writing from some of the greats.

Readers and writers festival - photo.jpg

Voices on the Coast 2020

R. Lennard delivered talks and workshops for the 25th anniversary of Voices on the Coast in February 2020.

If you want to know more about the World Building Workshop, of the Character Creation 101 Workshop, drop Rebecca a line, or head to the store where they now come in hard copy..

After more tips for the Tech-Savvy Writer? Head over to the blog to find out more.


SupaNova 2019

SupaNova Brisbane was amazing.


Not only was Rakemyst released, there were loads of cosplayers, fantastic artists and creators, and a few famous people thrown into the mix.


I’m looking forward to the next SupaNova!


Evil Inside Us Launch 2018


The launch of the Evil Inside us Anthology, hosted by Moreton Bay Libraries.

This launch holds a special place in my heart as the first in-person event I attended as an author. It was a chance to meet some fantastic writers, and there was a special guest appearance from one of my super-fans and beta readers.

This holds fond memories as the 'official' start of my author career.

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