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Rakemyst 020-6x9-Table-Top-Book-Coffee-T

A misplaced arrow could cause a war...


Wracked with guilt, Shari must face the joining of two Shifting Islands with her sword at the ready.

But the search for the Guardian's next apprentice is still underway, fear strikes her heart. Not all the candidates are who they claim to be. And a fearsome new foe is out for revenge.

Can Shari lower her defences enough to let someone else in? Or will the decision cost her more than she's willing to give?

Rakemyst is the second book in the bold Lissae series of YA epic fantasy adventures. If you like kick-ass characters, sword-slicing action, and vivid magical realms, then you’ll love R. Lennard’s sensational sequel.


Buy Rakemyst and fly into the sentient realm of Lissae today!



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