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Interested in an Advance Reader Copy?

What is an ARC?

An Advance Reader Copy is a book circulated to people who read it with the intent to review before it’s available for sale. This allows the reviews to coincide with the book’s debut.

How long do I have to read and review?

I know real life can get in the way of reading even the best of books. If you are able to put your review up and send the link through within a month of the book being available for sale, you have a better chance of receiving ARC copies of the rest of the series.

Who can get an ARC?

At the moment, anyone can get an ARC. However, numbers are limited, so if you’re interested, sign up quick!

When are ARCs available?

Akoren ARCs will be available 1st July 2024

Vannali ARCs will be availble 1st August 2024

What if I don't like it?

Not every book is for every reader – if you just can’t get into it, send an email and say that. If you’d rather pluck your eyes out with rusty tweezers than read another word… maybe don’t say that. It will make the author sad – they might act tough, but authors are fragile creatures.

What can I expect in the book?

Books in the Lissae series have:

  • Graphic violence

  • Death of pets and beloved characters

  • Kick ass characters

  • No swearing

  • No sex

  • Action based

  • Realm-hopping

  • LGBTQIA+ characters

  • Disabled characters

  • Lots of made up words

  • Glossary at the end of each novel

  • Map at the end of each novel

But I haven't read the current books!

That’s okay. Review copies will be made available for a limited time. If you’re interested, fill out the form. These will be available immediately upon acceptance as an ARC reader.

Where can I sign up?

There is a form you can fill out by clicking here.

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