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Ronah - eBook

Ronah - eBook

One teen's power to save her people will change the fate of the Realm.
Shari, a Blank, appears to be just another teen, until a band of wandering Wisara visit to her home - Ronah - the sentient, Shifting Island of Lissae.
Now her secret identity has been uncovered, Shari must work with a team to protect everyone. She must learn how to control her powers, preparing to be tested in a prophecy past down from the ancients, which will determine her role in the future of the Realm.
But sinister forces infect the dreams of Ronah's people. With a team she didn't want by her side, Shari must decide who lives and who dies.
The fate of the Realm is in her hands...
Influenced by John Wick, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Avatar: The Last Airbender, it appeals to fans of all of these.
Buy Ronah and step into Lissae today!

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