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"The Altoriae, she's back!"
For 60 years, the Realm of Lissae has been without their protector, the only magic wielder strong enough to keep the invading armies from the other Realms out... or have they? 
Shari Dawn, the most unassuming girl on Ronah, one of Lissae's Shifting Islands, is more than what she seems. But when her secret is uncovered, and it's revealed that she's the Altoriae, time starts to count down on an ancient curse designed to test her skills. Caught in a fight against the clock, Shari must save her Realm with the team she never wanted.
With the curse at work and only ten days to save Lissae, Shari faces challenges harder than keeping her secret. Will she overcome them, or will Lissae end up under the control of a creature from her deepest nightmares?
Don’t miss Ronahthe first of the Lissae series by R. Lennard. If you like Buffy, Avatar: the Last Airbender and Narnia, then this young adult fantasy novel will have you turning the pages! 


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Ronah - eBook

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