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Cantash - eBook

There’s something hiding in the Dark.


It’s seeking Shari relentlessly and it’s got only one thing planned for the Altoriae…


When a spy impersonates Shari, Samuel is summoned home to chair the Dark Conclave. It’s the most dangerous meeting in all the Realms; a place where blinking out of turn will lead to being eviscerated, and Shari, it’s number one enemy, accompanies Samuel under the guise of protecting him.


While Shari is away, the mainlanders have declared war, and Jonathan alone must confront them. With trouble brewing on both sides of the gateway, how will Shari overcome the Darkest of Realms and keep Lissae intact at the same time?


Cantash is the fourth book of the Lissae series.

Cantash - eBook


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