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Writing whirlwind

I've had many years to contemplate what would happen once I wrote the end, and on the days when it never seemed possible that those two little words would finish off the book, it was the idea that one day they would be tacked onto the end of the manuscript that kept me going.

Now, however, I've come to the sticky end, when my first creation is about to be released on the world (cue evil laughter)! So there's some pretty exciting news. Ronah is due to be released in November 2018. The eBook is due out on the 7th, with the physical copy due out soon after.

The lovely Eanna Roberts at Penmanship Editing is working on Ronah as you read, getting it polished and ready to go for the big launch date. There'll be more news to come as we get closer, so stay tuned!

Celebration fireworks

There have been many, many rough drafts of Ronah, and many iterations of those who support the main character, Shari, on her journey, just as there were many amazing, wonderful people who supported me in my writing. I would list them all, but at the moment, I'm pretty sure you guys are the only ones reading this blog! Plus, ya know, privacy is important. If you're happy to be listed, drop me a line! I'd love to publicly acknowledge those who've helped me along the way.

Take care all, and happy reading!


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