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Preparing for the editor

Last blog, I covered Beta Reading. If you missed it, you can check out the blog article here.

This one, I want to talk about preparing for your editor.

You've gone through your edits, sent your manuscript away to your beta readers and adjusted it according to their notes. But how do you know that it's ready for your editor?

  • Make sure your formatting isn't all over the place. Text should look similar to the finished product in your book, as one of the things your editor may pick up on is formatting.

  • Re-check your notes - ensure you haven't missed any.

  • Do a final read-through and adjust what's needed.

By this stage, your manuscript should be fairly clean (or, it'll look that way until your editor gets hold of it).

Once you're happy, you can send it away. There are two final steps that need to be done for this stage.

  • Grab your favourite drink/snack

  • Go relax. You've earned it!

You've just finished a book, it's time to unwind, take a break and refill your creative well.

Stay tuned for what comes next - getting your manuscript back from the editor.


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