Step into the magical world of Lissae

with author R. Lennard.


Lissae is a Realm constantly under siege. One girl, the Altoriae, stands between

her Realm and the beings who want to take it over for themselves.




The islands are merging and shifting.


But the celebration could be turned into carnage if she can’t stop the bone-clad invaders.

Join Shari Dawn in Rakemyst,

the second book in the Lissae series.



Her magic is a blessing and a curse, and both are about to be unleashed…

Join Shari Dawn in Ronah,

the first book in the Lissae series.




An invading army.

A threatened Realm.

His magic may be the world's only hope.

Join Jonathan Buan in Guardian,

the introduction to the Lissae series.

The Eni Inside

Lawrence Anderson, the Headmaster of Ronah's only school, Ridden Hall, went out on patrol, but never returned.

Instead, a being bent on taking over Lissae and torturing his students came back in his place.

A short story in the Australian Pen collection #3, The Evil Inside Us.

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