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Something new...

Every time I turn around, I learning something new. New phrases, new ways of think, new ideas popping up in the most unexpected ways.

I was struggling with the antagonist for book 2, trying to think of a being who could be even bigger and badder than the antagonist in Ronah thinking that it would be hard to top an evil tentacle being who... well, spoilers! In walks my source of inspiration, and starts chatting to me about arrows and how they could shatter bones.

Of course, my mind skips straight past the gore and thinks what if the arrow was made of bone? Tada! The antagonists of book 2 are born.

I love watching how one idea causes others, like a drop into a pond, the ripples spreading out and disturbing the surface, building on top of what's below.

Reading Corner

Whenever I read something new, I learn as well. There's a book coming out on 1st September that I'm excited about, and just had to share it with you:

I'm seriously looking forward to the latest book in this series, and I can't wait for the finale, due out next year. This series has it all, highs and lows, bumps and bruises. I can't wait to read the stories behind D.C, Bear and Jordan.


If you haven't started the Medoran Chronicles yet, begin with Akarnae, where we meet Alex for the first time, as well as the trio in the new book, Bear, D.C. and Jordan. It's a true Harry Potter meets Narnia cross-over, and if you love brilliant YA fantasy, you'll love the Medoran Chronicles.

Take care all, and happy reading!

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