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Step into the magical realm of Lissae

Monsters                    Magic                     Mayhem

Magic, monsters, mayhem

An all slaying, no laying YA dark epic fantasy series. Perfect for fans of

Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Avatar: The Last Airbender, with a dash of John Wick

Shari Dawn grew up convincing everyone she was a Blank - totally unable to use magic.


Turns out she was hiding the truth.


She's the protector of the sentient realm of Lissae, charged with making sure that the beings who want to take control of her realm don't ever get the chance.


That's one girl to defend all of Lissae.


Except, Shari makes some friends.


Only problem is, can she trust them?


Something is hiding in the silence...
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And now the dead are coming back to life...
Pre-order now!

Ginorti Akoren Vannali.png

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